Future Treasures no 1.

Listed below is a hierarchy of the categories of works the Treasury endeavors to publish most frequently, be they in fashion, music, film, design, television, grooming products, decorating, etc…

category 1.
Works in my possession, that I wholly treasure.

category 2.
Works I endeavor to take into my possession, that I hope to realistically be able to treasure in the near future.

category 3.
Handsome works merely floating around in cyberspace.

Presenting with any regularity works in the number 3 category seems somewhat lacking in value for myself or the reader. There are numerous other sources which post in a spare and non-contextual manner the wares which today’s designers and artists are peddling.

There is validity and value in perusing an on-line inspiration board-of-sorts, but that niche is covered and covered well already by other blogs, JJJJound being my preferred source for that slant.

The Treasury was established with the belief that some of the most valuable aesthetic expressions are born in the unpredictable space where an original inspiration shifts its shape in strange and strong new ways on its path to becoming actuality. 

Getting on with it, my first official presentation in the Treasury falls under category 2: A work I hope to possess and treasure some day.


In this case, its a tawny, butterscotch-colored shoe, the idea of which first came across my path this spring via the above photo pulled from men.style.com (I didn’t know I would be an official Treasurer one day, so I didn’t document the designer/show. I’m sure one of my readers can fill in this blank for me soon enough).

The most tangible source I’ve found so far in my quest for a similar shoe is Blackbird Ballard and their collaboration with Esquivel.


But since times are tougher these days, even on sale at approximately $225 per shoe ($450 if I opted for a complete working pair) my search will unfold beyond these Blackbird beauties.

Where exactly my search will go next, or if it might veer me off in a new direction, or drop me at a destination all together different, I will share with the reader. The examination of materialism in this on-line volume shall require more than just the What, I think. The How and therefore the Who, I think, may illuminate things much more clearly.

2 Responses to “Future Treasures no 1.”

  1. brennan Says:

    photo 1: junya watanabe spring 2009 men’s collection. good looks – its a great collection!

  2. will Says:

    Thanks for the i.d., Brennan!