Well Groomed

During a recent weekend in Chicago, the highlight of my shopping-oriented trip was the pile of loot I picked up at Mertz Apothecary. I’m always a sucker for grooming products packaged in ways the talented Mr. Ripley would’ve favored.


I completed three wide-eyed, slow-motion laps through each and every aisle in Mertz before narrowing down my final selections. I recognized I was on a dangerous high in the store and should temper my lust before things got tragically out of hand. The final damage was only $45 though. My only regret now is not having carted off with more.


These are the tools I’m currently using to brush my teeth, removed from their packaging. It amuses me how it appears almost as if I’m maintaining my oral hygiene with art supplies.

Is there some great reason Suave or Colgate couldn’t package their current products with a bit more style? I can never think of one.

3 Responses to “Well Groomed”

  1. Easy and Elegant Life Says:

    You’ve got me. I’ve been trying to dig up a good looking toothbrush for awhile. I remember reading an op/ed about “do we really need toothbrushes with great design?” Errr… yeah. We should be surrounded by beauty, in my opinion. It helps to keep the chin up.

  2. Joao Says:

    How on earth did you find this toothpaste? It is a truly classic of Portuguese design at its best and quite difficult to find these days with the Colgate invasion, even here in Portugal.
    Just found out about your blog and I’m already a fan!

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