Future Treasure: Four Thirds Camera

I don’t know how in-the-know others ’round here are about digital camera technology. Apparently, there’s a new category of devices called Micro Four Thirds cameras which are rolling out right about now. Due to a brand new optical set-up these groovy gadgets offer the fancy clarity and depth of a digital SLR camera, but in the pocket-able form factor of a simpler point-and-shoot. (Plus interchangeable lenses.)


I’ve had two digital cameras in my life. A 3.2 megapixel Nikon which I loved right away, and when it broke, a 5.2 megapixel Canon which I never-ever loved. I’ve been patiently awaiting a justifiable opportunity to upgrade and…

I’ve got high hopes for this Olympus Micro Four-Thirds model which was revealed as a prototype last fall and which insiders are buzzing might be released next month. I’m thinking it might do just the trick for me. Luxe in leather…yes please!

Less hack-job-y info on the Four Thirds breakthrough here and then here and also here.

One Response to “Future Treasure: Four Thirds Camera”

  1. Easy and Elegant Life Says:

    Good looking. Maybe that’ll scratch that itch I have for a custom Leica.