Consumer Confessions – Me First

Twice a year I enjoy shelling out $20 for the newest issues of Purple Fashion and Fantastic Man. The fact that these publications are five times as much as an issue of GQ is much, if not all of the appeal. I rationalize that I’m being given access to ideas and inspirations five times too elite and expensive for the average trend-hound.


In the same snobby vein, I’ve promised myself already a bottle of Fantastic Man’s upcoming fragrance from Byredo, having never sampled the scent. I mean, what has its actual scent got to do with it?

Should Fantastic Man: The Cologne actually smell intriguing and edgy once I unwrap my delivery then that’ll be icing…but, in all honesty, its the secret feeling of elitism and rarity that I’ll be spending my money on. Just as when I buy the periodical that spawned it.

This is materialism at its most crass and callow, but also its most innate, no? Fortunately, I approach only the rare purchase in this reckless manner. I’ll explore the more noble and less shameful modes of materialism in future Treasury entries, but for now I’m curious:

What items/genres of material goods do readers buy recklessly – when a daring disregard for price and practicality is integral to the power of the purchase?

2 Responses to “Consumer Confessions – Me First”

  1. jon Says:

    Off the top of my head, I’ll drop a pretty penny on some vintage repros like Buzz Rickson, but I think that doesn’t quite count cause I definitely pay for quality, and by that logic it’s not an impractical buy.

    I do spend a lot on shaving goods, having bought a safety rasor about a year back I now find myself buying expensive english shaving creams and facial foods. Taylor of Old Bond street and Geo F. Trumper are two mainstays in my medicine cabinet. Also Kiehls stuff. Then again I think that if any of those brands were shit but still expensive I wouldn’t buy… so maybe not the same thing as Fantastic Man cologne.

  2. Easy and Elegant Life Says:

    Shoes. Specifically suedes, and Belgian slippers. Highly impractical. But very good shoes, properly cared for will last a very long time. I also buy tailored clothing, some made-to-measure, although I do not have to dress for what I do. Finally, my wife and I occasionally find an art deco piece and spurge. They just don’t make that stuff anymore and when we find it, we buy it.

    jon, I hope you got a good brush too. If you have yet to, I can assure you it will change the way you think about shaving.