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Frozen in Time

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Now and then I’ll type “Vintage Russian” into the search field on e-bay just to see what possible treasures might wash ashore. Most recently I came across this military timepiece, a gift given to Russian naval officers, the auction explained.


Given its Team Zissou color palette and un-pricey pricetag, I merrily made the watch my own. The fact that it tells time on a military 24-hour table will take some getting used to, but it’ll lend me a toughened, macho edge much-needed when I flip through Teen Vogues and cheer for Shawn Johnson’s foxtrots on Dancing with The Stars.

First I just need to get my Russian watch to reliably work. As opposed to what the e-bay listing said, it does NOT keep time accurately for more than an hour. So it goes without saying that me and my macho edge are a little ticked off…

Pastes / Pearlies

Monday, March 30th, 2009

One of The Treasury’s newest readers, Portugal native Joao, recently left this comment on my Well Groomed post.

“How on earth did you find this toothpaste? It is a truly classic of Portuguese design at its best and quite difficult to find these days with the Colgate invasion, even here in Portugal.”


Well, my tube of Couto brand paste was picked up at the Mertz Apothecary in Chicago. The non-Mertz-ishly named Mertz website provides an on-line source for hundreds of handsomely packaged, hard-to-find toiletry treasures.


There’s at least three other brands of tasteful pastes off the site I’d like to try, but not until I unleash at last my inner Newland Archer and try myself some tooth powder. Tooth powder, hot damn. What a world this world once was!

The link specifically to Couto, Joao, is right here, sir. Brush in style, friend.

Lens Flare

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Lens Flare can transform an old-toad digital camera into an absolute prince.


Pop-Up Video bubble fact: The fuzzy deer figurine in the background was decapitated when my sister threw it at me during a particularly feisty childhood fight. I was (temporarily) devastated, but moms and super-glue can work wonders.

Just My Type

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

A man doesn’t need more than one vintage typewriter to never-ever use, does he?


I already have a 1940s minty gray one, but I wish that weren’t the case. I see other typewriters, all the dang time, that I wish I could take home to never-ever use as well.

Wardrobe Test

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The manly-man look that’s muscled its way to the front-lines of the menswear blogs these past few months has been ridiculed (by some) for transforming others of us into costumed characters. I can’t blame a trend for my sartorial sins though – I admit I fall regularly into costume-closet trouble all by myself.


Last summer I ordered this brilliant blue canvas cap from APC. So classic in its sea-faring references yet somewhat cartoon-ish in its shade and its exaggerated shape, I had some reservations initially. But who wouldn’t be charmed by a lad in a snappy hat such as that, I asked myself.


Fast forward to real live life and….I don’t know if I charm people in my cap so much as I bemuse them. If there’s someday an audition for a live-action Peter & The Wolf film, I’ll know what to wear, but until then…I’m just a cartoon-y costumed crusader doing my best to charm, but basically failing.

Saddle Up Pt. 2

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

The boy-bloggers’ collective search for a spring ’09 Saddle Shoe has intensified in recent weeks. This $78 “tonal-oxford” as UO calls it, reminds me a wee bit of the Opening Ceremony saddle shoes, but at a prettier price-point.


Some of UO’s in-house shoes can look and feel especially cheap, but these seem worth a closer look.


In a perfect world though, I’d want my saddle shoes leather – not suede. Huh…My excitement over these seems to be rapidly waning…

Puddle Jumping

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

My knee-high rain boots from J.Crew have always had a chalky finish to them, as if they’re dusty. I don’t know what’s going on and wiping them clean does nothing to solve the issue. So I’m using this issue as my excuse for justifiably longing for these Isle Jacobsen boots.


I’ve longed for lesser things for lesser reasons, so I don’t feel too bad about it all.

Available at Oak.

Peeks Into My Week

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Sea Salt Chocolate Cookies – the best baked thing I will ever know.


New crayons decked out in old designs at the drug store. I’ll never tire of brands doing this with their products.


And lastly, an antique mapping tool of my grandfather’s that my sister nabbed for me while rummaging through my mother’s chest of drawers.


There’s a compass on the reverse side. It seems off, but I treasure it a ton nonetheless.

Right Down The Middle

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

The moustache, the saddle shoe, the bow tie, and buffalo plaid have all escaped, in recent years, from the dressing room of your high school three-act-play into the lives and looks of today’s trendiest trendsters.


I’m wondering if/when the slick middle part, as mastered on this moony model, could ever return. I’m trying to think of someone famous and cool enough who could break the look on a grand scale. Talk amongst yourselves….

(Image from Vogue Hommes Japan.)

Title Sequence

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

It’s not too loopy to base half of your outfit on the color of text from a Wes Anderson film, is it?


Apolis Activism apparently doesn’t think so.


And I don’t think so either. Available at Context.

Just Bead It

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Seems like my secret sub-trend this spring for accessories is Souvenir Shop chic. What with my current Quikoin purse obsession, and a trio of Native American beaded belts I wrangled up last week, I’m weirdly working a Wall Drug look as of late.


My three belts (one blue, one green, one yellow and broken) are fresh off e-bay; deadstock from the now defunct Six Gun Territory tourist attraction in Ocala, FL, the seller let me know.


I’m keen on the bright, boyish bop my gift shop-ish swag lends to outfits that might otherwise just hang on me, dull and drably.


And a nod to cub scouts on summer road trips can’t never do an outfit no wrong, I do say.

Store Credit

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Somehow I wandered upon the Brooklyn Industries website and noticed some SALE items that seemed somewhat seductive.



A subdued logger vest, a zippy zip-up sweater, a very Black Fleece-ish blazer, and a roll-neck, sleeve-free cardigan perfect for the day I pretend to smoke pipes.



The Brooklyn Industries return policy states that only exchanges/store credits are offered which makes me a little gunshy. I’m not at all familiar with the brand and its quality, its sizing. Any advice?