Photo Booth Bonanza

Even the most camera-shy curmudgeon bursts into a happy little ham behind the magical curtains of an old-fashioned photo booth. A charity event this weekend at which I made an appearance offered free sessions inside just such a booth. Better yet, hardly anyone else in attendance had time to care, which meant I was free to strike poses endlessly!


I’d liken the dream-like level of my joy to rummaging through a bottomless Christmas stocking. To temper my giddy glee, the sobering challenge I soon assigned myself was to produce a strip in which I could tolerate how I looked in all quadrants of the photos.


I never quite achieved that, but here are the final four contenders. (I’m almost ashamed to say there’s fifteen more strips where these came from…)

2 Responses to “Photo Booth Bonanza”

  1. wecouldgrowup2gether Says:

    you should frame it!

  2. will Says:

    People would find out I’m vain if I framed it. So far, that’s a secret.

    Love your blog – so luxurious! I’m instantly hooked.