Russian Camera Road-Tested

Nearly two months later, I’ve finally developed the first film I shot with my Christmas present to myself, a Lomo LC-A camera.

I asked the lab not to color-correct my images, since Lomo cameras are known to produce ultra-saturated, barely realistic colors. The man behind the counter said a certain amount of correcting was mandatory based on the processing machines of today (Rats!) but beyond that he said the technicians would let things alone.

I’m curious as to what would have happened had I let them correct the color as they saw fit. The images I got back were specifically un-saturated and a little pink. But they were dreamy and aged like I’d hoped for, so I’ll experiment some more before I lay down my final verdict. For now, I’m optimistic.

From my trip to Florida to visit my family:


The Colony Plaza is where the men behind Disney World stayed when the theme park was first being built. It was the only adequate hotel around there at that time, before Orlando exploded into the tourist trap it soon became. The Plaza had been slated to be torn down recently, it’s abandoned and the windows are blown open, mattresses and TVs litter the parking lot. But three years after I first fell in love with it, it’s still there, and I hope it always will be.


Given that I grew up in the cold north, anything southern, especially edibles like fried chicken and cheap waffles, I find to be fully fascinating.

Back at home, this image is more what I’m used to:


Knee-deep snow, and a dwarfy dog who’s good at tricks and bad at behaving.

One Response to “Russian Camera Road-Tested”

  1. Jon Says:

    Oh man this is beyond awesome, I will have to buy one of these in the future. Ideally I’d like to learn how to develop my own pictures so I could have them come out like this, but obviously I know nothing. If you ever do make any progress in this arena (making aged pictures) let me know