The 14th Rebel

A recent story at The Selvedge Yard about Arden Van Scykle and his 13 Rebels motorcycle club dared me to track down an old leather Brando-like cap even though I feared such a piece could no longer be worn post-1977 without a guy just looking like a Village People person.


On e-bay, such caps weren’t as easy to find as I’d have thought, but there was one perfect piece which I made mine for under 10 bucks.


For starters, I wanted to wear the hat like Arden would’ve. With high-waisted jeans and my belt buckle shifted one loop over. (Half the cast of West Side Story did that to their belts last week too. Must’ve been proof of rebel-hood back in the day.)


Next up I should figure out a way to wear the cap as myself, not as a member of some cinematic crew. Not sure what would be right though. I’m thinking thick materials and layering will be necessary to match up with the hearty heft of the cap’s leather.

I guess my cap and I will meet up with you in our new look, further down the road, brothers.

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