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Come Pleat-ly

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

The return of the pleat has been threatened over the past few years but not until this summer has it really felt un-forced and foxy again.

I have some pleated mid-90s Dad-ish Dockers shorts in dark sky blue that I’ve been wearing sloppily at home the past weeks, but for fall I want some pleated pieces I can spruce up more snazzy-like.


I was turned onto the German line A.D. Deertz through my blogging home away from home,, and now I’m all a flutter over their fall 09 lookbook. Sandy haired strike-a-posers baring leg against a blank wall (I know all about that, dont I?) with plenty of pleating on display.


I’m lovingly logging the overall look and looking to make it mine entirely.

Fall Forward pt. 2

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

The next must-have for my Fall 09 fashion refresh: a completely classic set of sunshades in caramel. I think either a Malibu Barbie or Ken doll my sister (or I) had circa 1983 came with miniature sunglasses a bit like these, and yet they also seem quite 60’s and Paul Newman-like. Their vague versatility and pretty price-point are right on.


Westchester sunglasses online over at Alter, $20.00.

All In One

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Truth be told, half the reason I founded the Treasury was to have an excuse to dress up in one of the two green jumpsuits I’d bought over a year ago. And although I never wore either of them before or after, I convinced myself some sort of one-piece number could legitimately fulfill a vital role in my regular wardrobe.


Re-inspired by APC’s navy jumper this spring and a mini-spread in Fantastic Man, I obsessed over online auctions the past few months until I wound up with two matching super-suits once again. Navy coveralls, the first a 38R, the second a better-fitting 40R.


I need to soften the larger one up in the wash a few more times, but once I do, with no Gods as my witness, I’m gonna wear that thing repeatedly, and in public. I’ve worked quite hard to look like a hard-working lug. I can’t let it all have been for nothing.

Fall Forward pt. 1

Friday, July 24th, 2009

I’m officially fashioning my fall shopping list now. Item by item, I’ll tack ’em all up on the Treasury in the coming weeks.

For whatever reason, I want to round up a couple pair of knicker-like pants and wear them until the snow falls this fall. First I want to find a pair of ordinary cords and have them hemmed so as to mimic these truncated trousers from Junya Watanabe.


And then I’ll also maybe consider these official cycler knickers from 708 – although they’re made from a poly/hemp blend which is touted to look and feel like denim, but makes me wonder if I’d just look and feel sweaty and stupid in them.


Are they worth a try?

Mountain Man pt. 2

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

More moments from my trip to the Rockies, captured on film via my Lomo LC-A and a disposable Kodak waterproof cam.

The water-iest point of a white water raft ride.


My horse that they told me I could call José or Bullwinkle. I opted for José. He was small but so am I, sorta, so we made a good pair.


About to board a steam engine train. Approximately three hours before a table of diners at an Italian restaurant mocked me and my bandanna.


Happily packaged peanut candies. The only souvenir of my entire trip.


Floating down a lazy (man-made) river.


Like I Need Another Hole In My Head

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

1. Good-looking lip balms.
2. Slick and wicked wallets.
3. Nifty little notebooks.

These are things I tend to covet, consume, but then never use.


So I can’t reconcile purchasing any of these deadly, deadstock notebooks from Present & Correct but maybe someone else out there would make good or great use of them.


I love material goods obviously, but I equally loathe wasting them.

Mountain Man pt. 1

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Most of my recent vacations have been super shopping-centric, but my seven-day trip to Colorado was really rather rugged, for a change.

I fished… (acted like it, at least)


I rode a horse… (for real)


I moved up many mountains…


I wore a bandanna without fussing over it too much, and I celebrated the return of the trucker hat…

And I forced people to take photo upon photo of me every step of the way. These were the digital (and then digitally-altered) selects. Old-fashioned film photos to follow.

New Adventures

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I’m heading high into the mountains of Colorado for a week starting tomorrow. I’m carefully sorting out what’s worth packing as I’ve recently become a maven of traveling light. (Although multiple cameras are still a must.)


So The Treasury will temporarily shut down during my summer vacation but while I am gone you may be interested to examine the other boy-blog I recently became a contributor for: SwipeLife.


If you’re not familiar with the smashing site, it publishes the finest in men’s style news on a fabulously frequent basis. I’m really honored and excited to be on the SwipeLife team and be able to cover subjects separate from the scope of The Treasury. So check me out there, and when I’m back from my high-altitude trek, come back and check me out here too, friends.

Daniel Eatock

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

UK conceptual artist Daniel Eatock’s website showcases his stark and simplistic works. Its easy to eye-roll at the capital A approach to “Art” in this modern style, but something about Eatock’s experiments is strangely soothing and satisfying. They make me smile. And think. My head just gets too busy for any eye rolling.

29 coloured plastic tops and lids arranged and rearranged.


Everything Heinz.
An edition of 57 sealed cans each containing a composite mix of 57 Heinz canned foods. Commissioned by the Design Museum London.


Up & Down.
One coloured balloon (filled with helium) touching the ceiling connected by a white ribbon to a second balloon (of a different colour) filled with breath (exhaled by a member of the gallery staff) resting on the floor.


You’re smiling or thinking now too, no?

Sea Bird T.

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

My tolerance for graphic Ts is probably at an all-time low. I liken them to the fast-food of the men’s fashion industry – cheap, empty, typically synthetic.


Something about this pelican T from Rogues Gallery charms me, however. Perhaps it’s that I can’t envision Perez Hilton or Pete Wentz wearing it. The T seems like a perfectly patina-ed page from an old Audubon Society publication, with sleeves stitched onto it.

Now on the menu (in Small) at Blackbird.

Canon PowerShot D10

Monday, July 6th, 2009

I spent my arctic childhood winters taking indoor swimming lessons at the local YMCA. I graduated from the Minnows class all the way up through Porpoise, five or six years later, and still love to just float at the bottom of a swimming pool as if its my home.

I haven’t known how to feel toward digital still cameras that shoot video, even HD video, and list the feature as a wonderful perk. How does the quality and the control compare to shooting with an actual video camera? It’s just never seemed worth getting excited about.


But the new-ish Canon PowerShot D10 shoots stills and video (muffled pre-shark-attack air bubbling audio included) under water! For around three $100 bills. Now that’s something I can dive into.

It’s not possible to go swimming without a silly smile swerving around your face, and it’d be impossible not to watch back the footage from a fish eye’s view without that stupid smile showing up again.

Here’s one lucky D10 owner’s recent aquatic clip. (Almost looks like Super8 or something!) YouTube has plenty more splashy video blasts. Just search for Canon D10.

Happy 4th

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

One of my very first crushes was Wonder Woman.


So in honor of her and of Independence Day, for any stray ladies out there looking for some new kicks to kill as you soar your Invisible Jets over this great country of ours, Colette‘s come to the rescue.