Case Closed

There’s a year-old shop in town called Martin Patrick 3 that stocks men’s personal and home accessories with a great-grandfatherly twist. It’s where the walking cane I requested for Christmas came from.

On a recent visit to the shop I noticed a bowl of lovely little coin pouches (not pictured) in oblong pucks of brown tanned leather. They were hard though, like a Vuitton travel case, and their sturdy flying-saucer shape and structure was really intriguing.


I stopped back a month later to pick one up and they were still lovely, but somehow, less so. So I went for a less revolutionary business-card case in navy blue instead. (But am gonna collect coins not cards in it nonetheless.)


The slimmer profile and blue color would better fit and contrast inside and within my tan briefcase, and it struck me overall as a bit more Billykirk-y.


As seen in the first photo, I also picked up two more bars of imported Italian soaps. They’re great for scenting my t-shirt shelves before I break open the boxes for actual use in the bathtub.

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