A Saucy Suggestion

At an almost fancy film-festival nearly three years ago my best friend told me about this girl named Saucy and I instantly hated her.

“Is her name seriously Saucy?” I asked.

“I think,” said my friend.

“And what did she say to you?” I asked.

“She had an accent and she said ‘Oh I saw the poster for your movie. It’s like a rip-off of Juergen Teller, right?” my friend recounted.

So, needless to say, I didn’t like some super skinny, stylish to the point of scary little thing slamming our movie’s aesthetic as a rip-off. (Stylish foreigners intimidate me, I admit.)


But a few days later, after having seen our actual movie, Saucy stopped using the word rip-off and started gushing on and on over our mini-movie, begging to buy the costumes featured in the film. So, egos being what they are, I stopped hating her just about instantly.

Although she looked sullen, super-styled, and snotty, she was actually friendly, fun and unfussy in person. She said she was an Australian photographer with childhood ties to America, her name wasn’t really Saucy (although her nickname most definitely was), and she had a blog about her life and her art called¬†Cigarette Jeans.

So although I only knew her for five days and four conversations, I kept up with her blog through the past three years. Her love of photography seemed to ebb for a while, but her writing was always a stitch. Like if the CATHY comic strip was post-feminist and actually funny, or if Carrie Bradshaw wrote about idiots and omelettes instead of bags and Big. Really, the way Saucy can ridicule the tards of her day, or fawn over fudge brownies on Cigarette Jeans is top notch.

For a while, I kept meaning to post comments like, “Saucy, you should set aside photography and concentrate on being a wise-assed writer. I think it’s your true calling.”

heart 2

But Saucy was recently sent back to Australia, away from her boyfriend, and is pouring her mourning into a reinvigorated barrage of flashy, fun photographic work. I keep dragging images off her site and wanting to design pretend cd covers with them.



For me, the best blogs are secret sneaks into someone else’s life and Saucy’s sometimes-Aussie life is droll and delicious and delightfully lensed.

jacket jump

I’m really glad I met her. You should meet her too.

2 Responses to “A Saucy Suggestion”

  1. Saucy Says:

    I DIE.

    Oh my gosh I completely forgot I ever said that about Jurgen Teller! I feel like a complete asshole now! Thank you so much for this ever so sweet blog post you fancy pants man, I got all teary-eyed reading it. Then also felt super guilty for letting my photo side fall by the waysaide for so many months. You’re the best William! hearts. Can I send you a print?

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