Book Club

Around this time last year the Rogues Gallery webshop had copies of a non-redesigned edition of The Call of The Wild for sale. With winter coming, and having never read the classic story, I figured it was a perfect time to add it to my library.


I didn’t necessarily expect myself to read it or enjoy it. Sometimes the so-called classics read too outdated, dry and homework-like to really be enjoyable, but The Call of The Wild was smoothly and simply written and I flipped from page to page eagerly. Most interestingly, the story is told from the point of view of Buck, the dog, but in an organic and understated way that doesn’t over-personify him into a cute or cartoony Beverly Hills Chihuahua or something.

If you’re at all like me, you’ll imagine your own dog in the center of the story, being stolen from its carefree and cushiony domesticated life into a cold and cruel existence that may or may not be the more appropriate place for your four-legged friend.

Just thinking about the book again makes me wanna go pet my pup.

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