A Me That Shall Never Be

Additional Treasury reader Holiday Wish Lists are still to come but I wanted to divert the attention back to me for just one brief post. Or rather, a version of Me That Shall Never Be.

An itemized list of my thwarted evolution:

1) Spurred on by the styling of the Fine and Dandy Fall lookbook I risked my reputation to proclaim that beréts were back to see another fashion day. I ordered a seven buck blue one but no matter how I folded or flopped it I never looked like a fine or remotely dandy gentleman, I just looked like a 1980s lady.


2) The Avantguard frames by Han at Blackbird are the kind of algebra instructor eyewear I’d like to wear regularly, but irony is essential to the equation and if there’s one thing my hard-faught moustache of 2009 has taught me it’s that my face just doesn’t do irony.


3 & 4) This winning Wilson jacket and these Beams Plus oxfords I could wear, and I would wear, constantly probably, if only my home shipping address was way less American and way more Japanese.



5) And finally, I can’t change where I live or what my head can and can’t do with boy beréts and Mathlete frames. Though I very easily could’ve added this red Filson Sportsman bag to the Me I’m Trying To Be. But I waited too long and Context sold out.


So, dang it. For now, I’m stuck just being the Old Me.

When I get the inspiration and ingredients for a Me I Could Actually Be, I’ll introduce you to him. He’ll probably be pretty swell.

    4 Responses to “A Me That Shall Never Be”

    1. Vadim K Says:

      If you are seriously considering that Wilson jacket (which is awesome) for buying anything from Japan I use proxies. Like Japan Goods Finder. Just tell them what you want – theyll find it and contact you – send you a paypal request. I used them twice – they are really fast. And yes – they do take a fee.
      P.S. Those frames are Child Molesters frame’s – not algebra teacher’s.

    2. will Says:

      Thanks, Vadim for the proxy tip.

      Wish I had known about it before those Beams shoes sold out. They were one of the very first things I blogged about and I’ve been thinking of them ever since!

    3. damien Says:

      I agree with Vadim on the frames. I wouldn’t give up on the beret just yet. I too hope to see a resurgence in the venerable beatnik cap. I’ve been eyeing one in a local vintage shop to accompany my online french courses.

    4. Saucy Says:

      I actually really like those frames. WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT ME WILLIAM. I was also going to say I totally think you could pull them off, but after the previous comments, and the mention of a moustache, maybe leave that one to the wish list?