Gifted: Gravel – A Man’s Cologne

I had intended to share my own Holiday Wish List here, just as many Treasury readers so graciously had done over the past few weeks, but December never ends up large or long enough to fit in all we want to do with it – does it?

But maybe that was for the best.

Because I’d like to take a moment to sweetly (re)state that one of the original intentions of this Treasury was to shift the energy of a materialism-based blog away from what was desired and toward what was treasured. Away from the emptiness of wanting things toward the energy of enjoying things.

It’s not easy to do this. Not easy, especially, for me to do this.

And, arguably, it’s not money that makes the world go round, it’s wanting things that makes the world go round. I like sharing what I want, I like just as much hearing what you want and wanting things leads to creativity and hard work and pleasure and a myriad of non-shallow, non-evil pleasures.

But in this season of riches, in our privileged world in which we troll down glowing screens on thousand dollar machines to cherry-pick from a forest of fashiony blogs all the pretty things we swear we need, I just wanted to remember part of the original purpose behind my Treasury. And to non-naggingly remind myself and my far-off friends to appreciate and value and treasure all we each have – now, already, and inherently. Because there are many in this world who are not so lucky to live in the luxury that we cherry-pickers do.

Okay. So, instead of my Holiday Wish List, over the coming days I’ll post my Gifted List and share what, now that Christmas 2009 has passed, the things I am now lucky enough to actually have! I promise to slowly savor each and every item on this list before I start salivating over anything newer and seemingly shinier.

So here goes.

1. Gravel – A Man’s Cologne


Somewhere down the rabbit hole of blogs this fall, I learned about this singular scent. Created in Germany in 1957 and offered at only one retail location in each city in which it’s available, each bottle is anchored with a seabed of pebbles inside which dissolve slowly over the years, lending the cologne a salty, silty, sailor-like hit.

A scent’s actual…um, scent sometimes has little to do with why I step under its splashy haze. Often times simply its name, and thus the time and era it transports me to is the crux of its intoxication. Other times, like a shimmery sculpture, its the fragrance’s bottle that seduces – demanding to displayed as a dresser-top objet d’art.

With Gravel cologne, its these attractions plus its “sweat ‘n cocktails at a cliffside campfire” scent that set me into a spritzy-fit. Everything about it is just so awesomely outré.

4 Responses to “Gifted: Gravel – A Man’s Cologne”

  1. Damien Says:

    Thanks for your insight and quality blog material. I’ve always enjoyed coming to this blog as a breather from all the sites that pretty much focus on consumerism rather than personal taste through shared common interest be it owned or purchased. I’m not saying I don’t consume with the best of them but you pay attention to those little things and add a certain cheekiness to your content which I appreciate. Have a happy new year!

  2. will Says:

    Wow, thanks Damien. I’m not in NY, I have no connections to the fashion biz, so all I can offer is something different than the other blogs and just be me. Thanks for loyally reading!

  3. William Dickman Says:

    I love and still use this cologne reguarly since 1958. FYI it was invented and produced by a Chemist named Michael Knudson (97yrs), who still lives in New Jeresy. Dave Garraway,the first host of The Today Show ( I believe) happend to discover this wonderful product and invited Mike on his show. That launched this cologne across America. There is a lot more to the history of this cologne that Mike now only sells from his home to a fortunate few.

    Best regards,
    Bill Dickman
    Marieta, GA

  4. Michael's Sister Inlaw Says:

    Bill, you are correct, my brother inlaw invented the scent Gravel – A Man’s Cologne. He lived in the same building as Johnny Carson and was fortunate enough to be invited to his show.

    I must tell you with a heavy heart that Michael did pass away this April. He was just days from his 99th birthday. He was such a strong vibrant man. His wife and family misses him terribly.

    Gravel is now in short supply. If you would like to contact Gravel cologne, please email me ( and I will pass the information on to my sister.