Un-Boxing Day

Last Christmas was the first year I specifically gifted myself a treat (my Russian Lomo LC-A film camera). It wasn’t a ritual I had specifically intended to turn into an annual holiday tradition, but after recently re-posting my year-long fascination with the Beams Plus work oxfords, I wound up indulging myself in a fancy, foreign find for the second Christmas in a row.


Like practically everything worth wanting these days, men’s fashion-wise, my Beams had been trapped in Japan, for what I thought would be forever. But Treasury reader Vadim K. commented that a proxy such as JapanGoodsFinder.com could make my Beams Dreams come true. (For a not-small fee.)

So on Saturday December 19th I submitted an inquiry about my shoes. The next morning a brief, polite e-mail was in my in-box as well as a PayPal invoice which tacked on about 25 percent of the shoe’s regular retail price. Hmmm….


I agonized over whether it all was worth it, and if I had requested the best size, and wondering what I would do if my shoes didn’t fit. But by the afternoon of Sunday December 20th, I pulled the trigger via PayPal and less than four days later, on Christmas Eve, my shoes arrived fresh from the Beams shop in Harajuku. (Packages from J. Crew take longer than that!)


I waited until after Christmas to unbox my risky gift to myself. I didn’t want the possibility of them not fitting to fowl up my holiday. But everything turned out perfect. My dweeby oxfords looked just like I’d dreamed they would, fitting roomy and right. I can’t wait to lace ’em up properly and poke around like Pete Martell.


Many thanks to Japan Goods Finder and to regular reader, Vadim K!

7 Responses to “Un-Boxing Day”

  1. jeremy Says:

    did you have to size up or down? or were they true to size. i’ve been eying those forever!

  2. will Says:

    Jeremy- I would say the shoes fit true to size. They are a roomily shaped shoe, though, so if anything they maybe run a bit bigger than normal.

    I’m so used to wearing desert boots that are cut so close and narrow up front that the taller and wider shape of these Beams boots makes them feel roomy.

    I guess order true to size. If they’re coming from Japan better that they are a bit too large than too small, right?

  3. damien Says:

    That’s hardcore man! Thanks for inspiring me to go Japanese instead of scouring N.America for a stockists of some these hard to get Nippon branded goodies. I will definetly be bookmarking JapanGoodsfinder.com

  4. Vadim K Says:

    You’re welcome. The fee is steep – you could probably find some other proxy dude on Styleforum or Superfuture to do that cheaper but it wouldnt be that fast and easy. EMS mail service rocks, its so fast.

  5. yuko Says:

    Happy New Year! and congrats on the beautiful shoes!! i’ve bought a few things via Rakuten and it is a nail bitter, but everything has worked out well so far. and I agree with Vadim K that EMS rocks!!

  6. Djvida Says:

    Nice choice with the shoes! I have used http://www.japangoodsfinder.com before and it was really easy – they provide a great service. I looked around at other similar sites, but the fees were even higher. I think japangoodsfinder.com only charges about 18 percent or less. I think it was totally worth it, really fast service and they help you with sizes and they would even find the item for you. I also checked superfuture but didn’t have any luck. Anyway, great blog!

  7. Turtle Says:

    Sears used to sell similar shoes in the late 80s. I horrified everyone by buying my punk boots at Sears—who could afford Docs? They didn’t have’em in Southwest Missouri in 1989, so the Red Wing-type boots and work oxfords at Sears (and possibly Monty Ward’s) were my substitute.

    I bet these are fab on you!