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What does one call boots like the two pictured above?

They seem more suede-ish than leather. Shaped almost like roper boots, but not quite. Almost engineer boots, but there’s no buckles…

I want to track some down.

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  1. Rob Says:

    Well, you can call them ‘calf’ boots, but that’s very general. Diesel calls them ‘fighter’ boots:
    Take a look at the boots section here, you’ll find many names & models. ‘Mid-high’ and ‘ankle’ are also in use, but too general. Good luck!

  2. Jeremy Says:

    search for vintage frye boots

  3. Vadim K Says:

    I dont think there’s a name for them – every brand will call them in its own way. Id search under biker or combat boots… but there’s going to be a lot of searching.
    Second pic reminds me of Uggs.
    P.S. – Happy Birthday 😉

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