The Lap of Luxury

I wasn’t kind to this little camera when it first presented itself to me.


First off, I scorned its lack of a built-in flash, and being that it arrived without a manual no matter which golden dial I turned or tweaked, I couldn’t even open the blasted thing to load a test roll of film.


The device was demoted unceremoniously to knick-knack status, but since then, it’s become one of my favorite objets d√©coratifs. Like an opulent little czar it roosts regally near my front door illiciting wide-eyed oohs and ahhs from nearly all who enter.


I tried today once again to unlock its mystifying film chamber but still it refused to budge. I no longer curse its opulent uselessness, however. I’ve plenty of plain and plasticky cameras to get, you know…productive with. My snaky little Leica deserves to just sit about in lazy, good-looking luxury and otherwise not do a thing.

3 Responses to “The Lap of Luxury”

  1. Vadim K Says:

    Cant you take it somewhere and really make it work? It would be so worth it.

  2. will Says:

    If I spent 10 seconds Google-ing it I could easily figure out how to open the camera, no doubt. Really though it just became too lovely to me to want to ruin out in the field through actual…um, use.

  3. yuko Says:

    wow.. that’s so unusual looking!! is that ivory, gold and snakeskin?
    : )