France on Film

Looking back at my mad dash around France through the lazy lense of my Lomo LC-A film camera.

Glowing stone figures in the gardens of Versailles. It was so bright and brilliant it nearly burned my eyes:

Stepping up out of the subway system to spot the older (but not oldest) of the three eras of the Metro Stop signs made moving through the city even more movie-like:

A tiny drop of ornate greatness in the giant ocean of ornate awesome-nesss that was Le Train Blue restaurant. (Much more on that later.)

My first glimpse at the delightful Deyrolle taxidermy shop, and the first photo I took in France:

(Me and) my shirt sleeves annoyingly un-cuffed inside a Parisian Palace:

We traveled by train down to the coast into Nice for two days. It wasn’t any warmer there, but the palm trees seduced you and your bare arms into feeling otherwise:

A fizzy fountain back in the capital. Five seconds later, it full on splashed me as I ran away in an un-classy spaz:

    2 Responses to “France on Film”

    1. B Says:

      Your un-cuffed sleeves go well with the quality of the photo in my opinion. If I saw that photo in a flea market I’d mistakingly peg it as a late 70s early 80s shot. Trip looks great so far. I like how you your eyes are always open and you pick up on things such as the Subway signs.

    2. Vadim K Says:

      Versailles – epic awesomeness!