Paris Prizes pt. 1

– From a nothing-special supermarket in Paris, some super special grid-lined notebooks.

– From down at the Porte de Vanves Flea Market, a mysterious hand clamp/claw used for reasons so far unknown. We’ve been calling it an Automatic Eyeball Remover.

– A box of 24 macarons for the family who babysit our dog.

– The only real article of clothing I found in France. A pair of, I think, Jil Sander designed Uniqlo pants.

– And a pair of pairs of Great Gatsby styled tennis court socks.

– The prettiest stuffed bird in all of Deyrolle.

– His little I.D. bracelet is my favorite part.

    One Response to “Paris Prizes pt. 1”

    1. A. Says:

      That clamp you bought at the flea market is actually for grabbing sugar cubes from their box/bowl/whatever they’re in.
      It’s a “pince à sucres”…