Homemade Vintage

Ever since this winter, Monday morning through Friday afternoon I pretty much won’t pop a single thing into my mouth unless the chick from Clueless says it’s okay.

As a result, I’m now a walking punchline – and half of my clothes are now too big for me and my plant-fueled body.

Thankfully, for the past ten years I haven’t been able to throw out any adorable article of clothing too large or too small without first saying to myself, “You know, you’re either gonna be one of those people who get thicker and thicker the older they get, or you’re gonna be one of those people who get skinnier and skinnier the older they get. So, self, you better save that sweater/tuxedo shirt/tattoo-ed pair of 1999 CK jeans, just in case you grow a little bit thicker or a little skinnier anytime between now and the year 2062.”

I now have five ‘n a half coffin-sized bins of my former fashion hits and misses messing up my attic which I rummage through every few months. It’s like my own personal thrift store but with far fewer Hilfiger hoodies.

I might not get to eat anything fried or frosted during the week because of that damned vegan has-been, but I can fit into my favorite jeans from Fall of 2000 again which I never thought would happen.

It’s not quite as delicious as Thai chicken with basil was, or salted caramel milkshakes were, but digging into a heaping mound of well-worn clothing classics you yourself turned vintage is tasty in its own way

5 Responses to “Homemade Vintage”

  1. horst Says:

    you are especially cute in this post…

  2. Turtle Says:

    Love the Swatch. 80s vintage?

  3. will Says:

    Yes, Turtle. My first Swatch watch from 5th grade. The band holder fell off and the battery is dead. It’s only for photo shoot purposes now.

  4. Red Wing Sport Boot | A Treasury Of... Says:

    […] will probably help too. I’ve loved these canvas, khaki ones quite a bit, but half a year without fried chicken and chocolate milk and they’re just too big now.) […]

  5. Turtle Says:

    (Hah. How’s this for delayed reaction?)

    Very cool re: 80s vintage Swatch. I say where it anyway. Everyone just uses their cell phones to tell time now, anyway.

    Checking your page for fall style input. Hope you had a nice summer!