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The Postalco Poncho

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Japanese accessories and stationary line Postalco has now slicked its way into wearable goods with the introduction of its insanely rad Rain Cape.

For me, a proper poncho is a playful yet practical pairing of Christopher Robin-like whimsy and British Army Recruit-style ruggedness.

Marching through puddles in one come dreary ‘n drip-droppy days it’s hard not to feel like the caped crusaders we all dressed up as and wished we’d someday become way back when we were young. An ordinary walk to the corner bus stop becomes an incredible adventure, a top secret mission.

“There are many ways to stay dry in a storm,” Postalco states, but for me, there’s now really only one.

I Had To Chuckle

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Besides their gum droppy delicious-ness and their near-perfect packaging these are the two best things about Chuckles candies:

1. You don’t find them very often.
2. But you can always find them in little Mom ‘N Pop hardware stores, without fail.

I wonder why…

Shine On

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Recent foraging through my favorite thrift store had proved fruitless for months on end, but the curse was finally broken this week with some shiny, fine finds.

Totally “Hot” bling – for my house, not me.

The “family portrait” of all I found including a massive quartz crystal that Speidi would die for.

The fine print on my ‘lil British tin.

I found a place for all my shiny finds in almost no time; although the lamp is resting in a closet, waiting for some shade.

Fenn Fest

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Landing its juiciest celebrity ever, TV’s tartest cherry plucker Ms. Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) has committed to attending this year’s annual Twin Peaks Fest in Washington state. If Audrey’s showing up, then maybe I should too, finally.

Lucy, Bobby’s Mom, and The Little Man From Another Place will be hanging round the donut table this year as well.

Wow (Bob) Wow!

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Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Last weekend for 75 cents I found a plastic bag of these vote-baiting nail file freebies from the late 1980s.

I don’t know how effective they really would’ve been as a campaigning tool, but as retro mementos they are clear winners. The powder of the blue and the brick of the red in these specific shades are a thing of the past.

I’m thinking of going back to where I got the first bag of files, buying about ten more, then sticking them like bouquets in a quartet of metal vases. But I’d need to host a party with some sort of coinciding theme in order to be that dweeby about dumb old nail files – and I can’t think of a logical enough link.


Levi’s Vintage Collection: 50s Pocket T

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

There’s many items I don’t mind spending a bit more on in order to land something really well-made or unique, although I’m not sure I’d put T-shirts in that category. T’s are just T’s, their whole point is to be cheap and replaceable.

Nonetheless, when I clicked onto the Nitty Gritty webshop to sift through their Levi’s Vintage Spring ’10 Collection the 50s Pocket Ts made a rebel out of me and I flippantly paid a premium (plus a shipped-from Sweden postage fee) in order to own one.

The 50s Ts, produced to exact historical Levi’s specifications are just cut so brilliantly boxy, as if bought at a dusty Des Moines dime store and shrunk in a shaky old Kenmore in your cousins’ cabin. It’s faded in a way that suggests it started as an altogether different kind of hue and will look better and better the worse the whole piece gets.

To an outside eye, it’s essentially a nothing-special, ordinary old T. Unworthy of an expensive trip across the sea to be seen in. But to me, the ways in which it is old and ordinary seeming is precisely why it’s special.


Monday, June 14th, 2010

When I came across these illustrations rendered on old dictionary pages at a local art fair last week my intention was to keep and frame one for myself then give the other away as a gift this summer. But now I’m not sure which one should be which.

pg. 416
Grand Tour to Gratification:
A Ship at Sea:


pg. 769
Plasmagene to Platinum:
The Boy In The Rabbit Ear Coat

I’ve already changed my mind (back and then forth) about four or five times.

White Warriors

Friday, June 11th, 2010

I think the Chinese characters peeking out from under your pants cuffs on these Warrior shoes would be a lot more charming than some standard old swoosh. (Sorry Nike.)

I haven’t had much luck finding a white court shoe that I ever bother to wear much and am wondering if all that would change if I could pair my clothes to a pair of these Warriors.

I like almost everything about them – but am not so sure about their faux-bois soles…

Are they a deal breaker (ladies?)

Flaunting Flaws

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

How much energy do we spend obsessing over life’s imperfections, distorting and disguising them in an effort to feel flawless?

It’s often a waste of time, so from now on I’ll try and remember that setting a giant, gold frame around a problem (be it literally or figuratively) can be the brightest way to make a flaw fade away.

Paint ‘n Play With J. Crew

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

It came as a quirky surprise to me but last fall, during their Men’s Spring 2010 preview party, J. Crew featured a pair of ragged, paint-ravaged shorts that completely tripped my trigger. For the past many months I’d visit their on-line shop with stalker-like frequency, waiting for the super-splotched shorts to appear.

They never ever did, so I called upon the supreme services of one of J. Crew’s online Personal Shoppers and soon learned that the shorts featured in the fall show, and later in GQ, never made it to production, and a similar though not identical design sold out swiftly as a Men’s Shop at the Liquor Store limited edition in New York in early May.

So I had no choice but to take matters and splatters into my own hand, and permanently ruin some shorts myself. It wasn’t exactly rocket science, but here’s the Step-By-Step instructions for my adventures in Self Destruction.

I’d wanted a pair of boot campy green shorts that weren’t too thin, but I couldn’t find a pair I liked anywhere and so after ordering a pair of J. Crew Sun Faded Stanton Shorts in an almost-green color called Canteen, as well as picking up a pair available in stores in a grey-er shade dubbed Bottle, I went for the Bottle, as its buttons matched its fabric better.

I then placed a strip of one inch masking tape above the hem of each leg to provide a fail-safe guide for even, easy-shearing, but for me short is never short enough, and so I hacked off an additional 3/4 of an inch, almost 3 inches total.

I then jacked up my inner Pollock to whip ‘n flick bursts of white, then dusty blue, then creamy sage, then sky blue, then barely pink splotches of wall paint over the front of my shorts, allowing for a bit of natural-looking wraparound on the outer sides. In between each color I’d brush blobs of extra paint onto the sides of my hands and then blot the splotches into the fabric. I wanted the painted stains to look handy-mannish and authentic, not crisp and 80’s like a teen’s Esprit overalls.

Wondering if I had gone a bit overboard with the paint compared to my original inspiration, I washed my shorts twice, holding them up under the washing machine’s gushing water-fall during the fill cycle to erode away half a layer of my thickly caked-on paint.

And that was it.

I thought I had messed up my messing-up at many points during my shorts’ Self Destruction, but in the end they turned out pretty much how I had always envisioned them: Sawed-off and splotched, salvaged from some Dad’s dusty Nantucket shed during the trip I never took there, sometime last summer.

The thing I like most about them is, on the surface, they dress down everything you pair them with. And yet, they’re such a statement piece that they almost dress everything else up in a witty way too.

Skin Trip

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Annoying 90º plus temperatures hit Minneapolis by May this year, and there’s still a whole lot of summer yet to come. Surviving such sudden scorching all last week was made considerably easier and more exotically atmospheric by my new bar of Coco-nutty Skin Trip soap from Colorado based Mountain Ocean.

Hard and heavy and scented like a well-bronzed beach bum, the sudsy bricks are online at Hickorees.

Down ‘n Dirty

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Perfect, pristine white denim jeans are the most McQueen-ish (as in Steve) way for an otherwise Good Guy to get down ‘n dirty come the rumblin’ of summer.

To kick around, all over town, in a truly proper pair, the trick is in cotton rough and rugged enough to protect against white denim’s greatest threat: visible front-pocket outlines.

Aside from that, there’s nothing to fear. A little grime ‘n grit ground into them good is exactly what you’ll want…

It shows all the cats ’round your corner just how bad you really can be.