Fenn Fest

Landing its juiciest celebrity ever, TV’s tartest cherry plucker Ms. Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) has committed to attending this year’s annual Twin Peaks Fest in Washington state. If Audrey’s showing up, then maybe I should too, finally.

Lucy, Bobby’s Mom, and The Little Man From Another Place will be hanging round the donut table this year as well.

Wow (Bob) Wow!

2 Responses to “Fenn Fest”

  1. Vadim K Says:

    Oh sweet Aurdey…
    Its really tempting to go, but something about those fans weirds me out. I really don’t want to find myself in a Star Wars convention sort of event.
    Why do they do that in August? It seems like late September/October would be more appropriate.

  2. will Says:

    Fall would indeed be a cozier Peaks-ier time for the fest, but I think the fans themselves wouldn’t be any weirder than you or me.