Sample Sizer

Playfully, I often turn the selection of a new scent into an ultimate death match-type competition. I’ll order a batch of sample fragrances from Luckyscent, then spray two different scents on me per day – the winner then going head to head with a new contender the next day until only one champion cologne remains.

I’d learned that with Byredo, if you sign up on their website, they’ll actually send you three scent samples in the mail free of charge. After flirting with their Fantastic Man and Bal d’Afrique fragrances last summer, the new pepper + leather based Baudelaire sounded worth a trysty test-spritz, and since they were out of one of the other scent samples I’d requested, Byredo kindly threw in a few extra vials for me.

Ladies and gentlemen, the competition begins now!

6 Responses to “Sample Sizer”

  1. Memphis88 Says:

    Is there a specific place to go on the website to get the samples? I signed up for an account, but don’t see anything about the samples. Do they just send you some random ones?

  2. Damien Says:

    How is the Bal d’Afrique. I’ve been flirting with buying it. I didn’t know they’d send samples. I’m on it!

  3. will Says:

    Memphis88: I e-mailed them first and they said I had to register and then let them know once I had. So pop them an e-mail and they’ll deal with you directly to get you your free samples.

  4. will Says:

    Damien – I recall the Bal d’Afrique being rather sweet – almost like honey-scented. Just on the verge of being unisex, but maybe too sweet to be truly manly. It struck me as humid too. Maybe a weird word to describe a cologne, but…like sweet honeysuckles on a hot humid August day, that was what it smelled like to me!

  5. Vadim K Says:

    Im a big fan of LuckyScent, I think they are really trying to do something different, they do their research. That said, I only buy the same two kinds of cologne from them for last 5 years.

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