Elizabeth and James Hudson Pant

The built-in calendar on my iMac assures me it’s 2010.

But I just purchased pleated pants, cuffed, from those mini-moguls from Full House. So most of my brain thinks I’m now living in 1996 (again).

After years of ridicule the pleated pant started to finally seem smart again about a year ago, but only thrift stores seemed to offer any hope of finding a proper pair, and we all know what happens the second you purposely look for something in a thrift store. (You won’t ever, ever find it.)

So some on-line searching sussed out these summer-thin Hudson slacks from the Olsen Twins’s mid-price range. They’re a pretty good start but my deep, deep need for plenty of pleats has only just begun.

I’m hoping the fall of the flat-front will finally make its appearance in some of the A/W 2010 offerings popping up in stores and online in the next few weeks. We’re right on the cusp of my favorite time of year!

4 Responses to “Elizabeth and James Hudson Pant”

  1. Vadim K Says:

    Pleats got some pretty bad rep for a last couple of years. I always thought there’s nothing wrong with them when they are done right. Just as GQ was bashing them recently, they will be praising them within next year.
    Quick question for you Will,- Do you know what the proper name for that document holder/sleeve thing you are holding? I’ve realized recently that I need something like that in my life. Something to carry couple of magazines and some papers in. Have no idea what its called.

  2. will Says:

    Vadim: I’m all about those leather cases too, although I’ve yet to find a perfect enough one. I was just bidding on one yesterday that I gave up on. On e-bay I have searched under “leather document holder” and “leather envelope” but the most accurate term seems to be “leather portfolio.” You end up getting a lot of the book-like kinds that just keep a legal notepad and a pen in them, but you’ll find some snap-down or zip-around ones too that are more like a bag or briefcase minus handles or straps. Another option is “leather attaché” but then you get a lot of briefcases. Basically, people call them different things but “leather portfolio” gets me closest.

  3. Vadim K Says:

    Right – “Attaché” – Thats the word I’ve been looking for! My granddad had one. Ebay to the rescue!

  4. Michael Says:

    I share your enthusiasm for pleats and the upcoming season. I thus heartily approve of this post.