Passing On The Savings

Although I flirt with and photograph Byredo bottles of fragrance, I tend to end up with whatever scent COMME des GARCONS spritzes into the ether.

The essence of the line’s newest, WONDERWOOD, is richly wooded and thickly forested – yet fine and fancy; too luscious for luggy ol’ lumberjacks. It’s the smell of black-tie in a birch grove, of tuxedos in tree houses. And although I’m not afraid of an offbeat, edgy scent WONDERWOOD’s calmer and quieter than CdG’s Man 2 or Hinoki fragrances which I also favor.

For a limited time you can indulge in any of COMME des GARCONS’ scents at 25 percent off at with a semi-secret coupon code. The code is applicable to any of BeautyHabit’s myriad of brands including Treasury favorites Valobra soaps and shaving cremes and Couto Portuguese toothpaste.

Click below to learn the not-so-secret code, and pinky promise me you won’t make fun of me for knowing it.


The coupon code is: OPRAH.

As in the media mogul whose television show I DVR daily and whose magazine I started subscribing to this summer. It’s a little soccer mom-ish of me, but hey, I already scored a smoking new designer scent for fall for $25 off because of Ms. Winfrey and if that’s not “Living Your Best Life” then I don’t know what is.

One Response to “Passing On The Savings”

  1. Vadim K Says:

    Im really curious with all those new scents they release. And design is so good. That “Standard” bottle just makes me want to frame it. But Im sticking with CdG 71 and 3 for last 6 years now and I hope they keep making them, cause I just want to stay me, and they help me do it.