Wash & Wear pt. 2

Dunking my raw denim (with my body inside them) into a brisk Wisconsin Lake in order to achieve that perfect Levi’s Shrink-To-Fit effect wasn’t a bad way to spend a 93 degree day.

Roaming around the wannabe waves in the drenched denim didn’t feel too icky or sticky, surprisingly. It actually felt sorta swell.

After a breezy, forty minute boat ride my 501s were at least 50 percent dry.

A few sunny, strolls down hot, graveled roads on top of that and the jeans began condensing and conforming to my shape, just as the Levi’s clerk had promised.

A day later, my jeans have maintained their rough, rigid, General Store-staple type of structure, while gaining the perfect little wrinkles and angles which give them that authentic, lived-in, almost alive look.

So far they shrunk up pretty nicely. At least an inch in the waist and the length. Since they aren’t an inky indigo denim and I’m not going for a really worn or whiskered look, I’m gonna just launder them now, fly them through the dryer, and be done with them.

I don’t want to go overboard with the whole ordeal.

(Although, technically, I suppose I already did.)

2 Responses to “Wash & Wear pt. 2”

  1. Vadim K Says:

    – This is awesome. I’d never do this – too lame. Sometimes I even order mine soaked 🙂
    Californian denimheads say ocean water does miracles to your dungarees.

  2. BP Says:

    these are the only jeans I wear, cheap, and if you don’t wash and dry them they stay look’n good. i wore my first pair out in the sun, but the length never really came off, and at $35 (amazon) a pop I now have enough longer ones to cuff and instead dump boiling water on to them in the tub. in an effort to never wash and dry but still keep them tighter i’ve started getting the smallest waist possible. that is a great color. i’m a little peeved at Levis for giving them plain red tab w/out the name, this is a recent development