4 Stroke Denim

In pulling together my personal looks for Fall, I noticed that basic blue denim just doesn’t seem to be a big building block this year.

I’ll be carrying over my white jeans from summer, and loosening up my new pale blue self-shrunk Levi’s 501s, and spicing up a ton of outfits with these selvage jeans by New York-based label 4 Stroke in a deadstock fabric color the company calls “Warmtape”.

Their Warsaw-fit Warmtapes are proving a perfect option for this transitional time of year when sartorially Summer’s become a bummer but its still too hot to truly dress for Fall.

Thinner than traditional denim while still robust and rugged in feel, the Warsaw’s harvest-time tone brings a bold hint of Autumn into an outfit without weighing me down in weighty and woolly fabrics while August and September take their sweet time in cooling the hot city down.

The cut is trim but non-fashion-victim-ed and the jeans, through their unusual hue, seem to lend new life to old pieces I’d been tired of taking out of the closet.

Old shades of gray or faded chambray are given a good twist by pairing them up with a punch of orangey-red rust. I figure, once you’ve got your closet covered in the basics (which I guess I basically do now), it comes time to spice it all up.

8 Responses to “4 Stroke Denim”

  1. Michael Says:

    Love it. Details on the belt?

  2. Vadim K Says:

    – Yes the belt makes it.
    Fits you great.

  3. will Says:

    The belt was $4.99 on sale at the UO at the MOA a month or so ago. I think they still have it on-line for $19.00 in various colors. In person it’s not the greatest quality belt but pale tan belts like that by Tanner or BillyKirk are around $100.00, so it’ll do for now. It takes the pressure of having to match my belt to my shoes completely out of the equation which I am liking.

  4. Damien Says:

    To tough Will. I need to dust off my desert tan 5-pockets so I can be cool too! Looks great.

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  6. Christopher Says:

    I’ve had my eyes on these for a while, as well as their Arrest Yourself wash.
    How did you size these? One or two inches down?

  7. will Says:

    Christopher – I wouldn’t size down too much. I take a 29 inch waist these days which is what I’d ordered the 4 Strokes in first, but they were almost painfully tight. I guess some people do buy their jeans like that to start and they stretch enough eventually but…I returned the 29s and went up to a 30. I’ve worn them about 5 or 6 times and they’ve softened but they have not stretched out a ton. For a pricer pair of denim I figure if they’re a little too big you can still wear them, if they’re a little too small you’ll never wear them. Long story short, I would just order your regular size!

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