Coming Attractions

I figured I should forge into the very best time of year, fall, with my best foot forward – so I’m sprucing up my system a bit here at The Treasury to take things to a better place for all of us.

The site’s just received a Non-Extreme-Makeover up around top, with larger article images to be embedded down below. Also, I’ll be entering exclusive updates of additional Treasures on Twitter ’cause it’s finally time I let little Bieber influence how I’m living life, electronically.

Best of all, I’m assembling together a slate of illuminating new entries that’ll showcase the stories and style behind some of the coolest companies and internet comrades I’ve had the pleasure to cross paths with in my past year ‘n a half of online Treasuring.

Over the summer I’ve come to realize just how much we can learn from each other when it comes to sourcing and celebrating the happy and handsome things in life – and so that’s going to be a major new mindset as I move forward with my little ol’ site.

So…stick close by, friends. Good (looking) times are just ahead!

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