Hamilton 1883 Shirting

What a way to start the week!

The good people behind The Hamilton 1883 Shirt Co. sent to my doorstep one of their new Camo shirts in a size Small for me to mug around in.

Before I’d even un-boxed my new recruit I was (shocked ‘n) awed by the earthy elegance of its acorn-colored buttons set against the sly and subversive pattern of the shirting material.

The shirt’s fitting me trim and slim; I wouldn’t alter an inch. When labels opt not to offer their shirts in an X-Small size, as is the case with Hamilton 1883, then sometimes even a Small can slouch sloppily on me. But a Hamilton Small truly wears like a Small. So phew!

My wardrobe finally stocked in the classics, I’ve been looking to perk up ‘n quirk up my wardrobe these past months with braver, statement pieces that can instantly angle any outfit into an unexpected direction, and this Hamilton Camo piece will accomplish that easily.

It effortlessly attacks the elegance of a bow-tie, it’d easily edge up a blazer, punch up a puffer vest, obliterate the ordinary-ness of an old pair of jeans. I’m gonna bravely wear it every which I can, testing the limits of camo as considered a neutral. (Will it work against red, will it pair up with prints?)

Thanks again to Hamilton 1883 for the coolest shirt me and my closet now salute!

2 Responses to “Hamilton 1883 Shirting”

  1. B Says:

    Wow! Great look. I think its time for me to give camouflage a second chance.

  2. BD Says:

    In the words of Rik Mayall: “I’m going to tell Thatcher we’ve got a bomb!” Rick from the Youngs Ones in the episode “Bomb” wears sunglasses with a very similar army shirt, though I think he prefers camo trousers and red suede boots.