Spice World

Don’t mean to Deja Vu you. Although the peppery pants pictured below might seem the same as a recently reviewed pair of 4 Strokes – they’re different. (I swear.)

I won’t deny they cover some of the same sartorial ground but, speaking of wardrobe resolutions (as my fashionable friends have been doing on the Treasury the past weeks) one of my main aesthetic objectives for fall is to wear weirder colors and punchier prints. And so a single pair of spiced up pants would’ve been a weak attempt.

These sun-faded Stanton pants from J. Crew are redder, softer, and cleanly chino cut vs. the more rugged and amber-ed denim of the 4 Strokes, for anyone keeping score. And even though I’d probably pair up both pieces into the same sorts of get-ups for the exact same overall effect, once your eyes adjust to outfits free from the chill of indigo down below, it seems only right to keep turning on the heat with well-stocked closets of warm-hued trousers.

That being said, I do think the next time I go not-blue I’m probably gonna go green.

One Response to “Spice World”

  1. mike Says:

    Pretty much agree with everything in this post. I have those same pants in blue, which I’m sure you’ve seen by now. I’d love to snag that color too as it’s beautiful and the fit is great.

    Also looking for green pants, only something more in the Mark McNairy cargo vein if I can track it down in the right shade.