Pom Pom Squad

I topped my last few winters with a Team Zissou-style bright red watch cap. And I can’t say I’m completely tired with the look just yet.

But here and there, I don’t recall just where, I’ve recently seen 70s-era pom-pom-topped hats hanging around the internet and thought they’d be a playful dash forward during this era in men’s fashion where everything’s mucho macho and (almost obnoxiously) earnest.

On the outskirts of Tumblr town, I found a pair of Penthouse Knitting Mills hats from 1978 with their tags still on and made the green (and not the red) one mine.

I was tempted to wear it a week or so with the tattered tag still stapled on.

But the overall look’s probably quirky enough without slipping a Minnie Pearl homage into the mix.

As a Minnesotan kid, there was a cardboard box on the top shelf of my family’s coat closet overflowing with hats like this. It was then that winters seemed the wildest and its gear the warmest…

So, as is increasingly the case with me, I’m stepping my aesthetic forward by poking around in the past.

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