My Black Friday Find

At first glance, this Utility Shirt from J. Crew might not seem like anything special, but it’s got me unusually excited. I’ll, of course, explain why.

First off, it isn’t made of old-school oxford broadcloth but a softer and more supple brushed twill that feels almost like an all-year-weight flannel.

The stud-section shelves at J. Crew and beyond are severely over-saturated with chambray these days, so this new material (offered in multiple colors including dusty red!) has a 1981 Connecticut Canoeing Club feel to it which keeps things fresh and perfectly captures that outdated/updated quality so fascinating in fashion.

White buttons wouldn’t have had enough of that “Walter Mondale’s Weekend in a Winnebago” type ruggedness that the shirt subtly suggests, and so it’s these Bit-O-Honey colored closures that really seal the deal for me.

These Utility Shirts didn’t appear on the J. Crew webshop until just today. I’d like to try out another color as well, and pair them with tan jeans and either almost-feathered hair or a tote with a mallard on it.

I trust I can take care of the hair or the mallard bag myself, but where’m I gonna find some dumb tan denim?

5 Responses to “My Black Friday Find”

  1. jeff Says:

    definitely dig the honey colored buttons. great find, sir.

  2. DTC Says:

    tan jeans? I just took delivery on a shrink to fit pair of 501s from the Levi’s site in a color called tobacco and they are $24. seems wrong, somehow.

    as I remember you aren’t scared of the vagaries in the StF line… I’d say give ’em a go.

  3. JVK Says:

    First off… Great site!!
    I was in J. Crew and saw these shirts and had mixed feelings about them. I liked the look, the fit, the colors, but i couldnt get past the buttons and the feel of the material. maybe i am just too caught up in OBDC’s right now and nothing else is worth it.



  4. Damien Says:

    The buttons definetly make it. I’ve got an old A.P.C version of similar weight, colour and fabric. I’m planning on replacing the pocket buttons with some vintage french military “Marine Nationale” buttons I got off of Etsy.I’ve been rockin’ a tan pair of 501’s since the summer and they have become a staple in my wardrobe. Great look as always Will. Watch?

  5. will Says:

    Damien – I, too, thought the shirt looked very A.P.C. – The watch is a Fossil watch I got in 1995. A corny brand, I suppose, but it always had such a 1940s look to it. I haven’t worn it in ages but got it fixed up this fall and bought a black lizard-y band to try it with too.