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The Film For Fall

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Images of Paul Newman are staples of the men’s style sites and one of my favorties is a photograph of the actor straddling a dirt bike wearing trim white denim and slip on boots.

I’d assumed the image was taken off-duty some weekend on Newman’s central California compound, but as channel surfing recently taught me, it’s actually a publicity still from the 1971 film Sometimes A Great Notion. A film my fall wardrobe and I are now using as our official mood board for Fall 2011.

The film’s plot revolves around an Oregon logging family facing ruin in the wake of a bitter union strike, but the finer points of the narrative faded deep into the background as I focused intently on the rugged (cars and) costuming.

Wardrobe Department basics included workshirts and sweatshirts in 70s sublime shades of celery green, and cuffed or cropped denim in dirty cream and cornflower blue.

Accessories included lambskin gloves, woolen night caps, amber lensed shades (and ultra-tough trucks).

Pretty much the only item from the foresting-chic film that I wouldn’t swing my ax at this fall (without a drastic career change first) are the logging dudes’ enameled hard-hats. (But what hats they are!)

Otherwise, every other piece Paul and his tree-chopping co-stars stomp around in are the perfect fit and in the ill-est tints to be taking into one’s wardrobe about now.

Catch the flick on cable if you can, or stream it through Starz over on Netflix. Most importantly, direct tweet me immediately if you can think of a source for faded celery-colored sweatshirts.

Time Capsule: The NorthernGRADE Film

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

This is what we looked like.
This is what was important to us.

We went searching for boots and bags and better bow ties,
and on the way we found ourselves friends.

This is a document of what it felt like in our American-made world
when we came together for goods we believed in.

Thanks to Larry and to Mac & Kat for setting up this Minnesotan magic,
and for letting me capture it for everyone to see.


Bar Keeping

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

When I first came across a pair of open Mountain Valley Spring Water bottles they were so Pre-War lovely that I assumed they were vintage props disguised as cocktail-hour carafes.

But I was wrong, which makes our world a little more right! Bottled at the source in Garland County, Arkansas in gorgeous green glass, Mountain Valley is available in sparkling or still varieties at the swankier of the Twin Cities supermarket chains.

So slap on some striped suspenders and mix yourself something super stiff with Mountain Valley on my behalf. I’m probably gonna just take mine straight.

The Sound of Summer

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Today finally felt like Fall here in Minneapolis, so I’m shutting the door on Summer (and my eight months of silence) by entering into The Treasury my favorite find of the past few, fiery months: a set of sweetly singing Tibetan bowls.

They first called out to me as I arrived at a free, outdoor Qi Gong class one hot July evening. They sat still in the grass, at the foot of the instructor, where I stared at their tarnished sort of glamour for nearly an hour until they were brought up before me, where I learned of their true beauty.

Made from the metal of bells, when hit with suede-tipped sticks, they ring out clean and strong cleansing the mind and body. When circled around and around at the outer rim with felt-capped wands they whisper gently with an electric, super-hero-like hum, releasing energy and purity into the universe. They’re a hypnotic fusion of physics and feeling that can be played with in countless ways…

At first sight, I instantly knew I wanted one shimmering somewhere in my living room. I had no idea I’d then spend the rest of the summer setting it ringing ‘n singing throughout my entire home.