Right About Now…

I’ve been wearing this approximate outfit almost every day built around three recent finds.

1) Pointer Brand Chore Coat that the Buckshot Sonny’s dudes hooked me up with last month. For a manual labor-like coat, I tend to actually feel a little more snazzed-up than usual when I slip this coat on and sorta snap up its collar. It’s maybe the extra crispy crunch of the coat’s duck canvas.

2) Imogene + Willie speckled cream jeans in the brand’s higher-rise and therefore more mid-60s feeling fit they call The Willie. They read bright ‘n white on screen but in person they’re more of a heather-ed oatmeal, giving the jeans a heartier, more hardware-store kind of feel I’m quite keen on.

3) And last, but prob’ly not least, a fresh pair of Red Wing 2126 boots. Apparently the deal with this style is that Red Wing stopped manufacturing them “officially” except for once a year, selling the small lot of them down around Texas where they’re especially popular. The 2126s come boxed with round, golden, workman laces, but I threaded in flat, brown ones off Amazon to make ’em a little more mysterious and less bulldozer-driver-like.

So 1, 2, 3 and I’m pretty much good to go each morning. I haven’t found a shirt, even in the shadows of my closet, that refuses to work well with the rest of this outfit.

15 Responses to “Right About Now…”

  1. Reed Says:

    Great fit, something I could see my self wearing. We look to be pretty close in height/weight, what size of coat did you go with?

  2. Michael Says:

    What size is the jacket? i’m looking at their coats and wondering how they fit. i’m 6 feet 175 lbs.

  3. will Says:

    Reed & Michael: I’d say the coats run pretty true to size. Since I am 5ft8 I typically buy the smallest size a brand offers, in the case of this chore coat, it was an XS. It’s only an issue in the armpits when I wear a thicker shirt under the coat, then it’s a little tight under the arms. But my advice is, if torn between two sizes, go with the smaller size with this coat because it will read less literal and farm-ish, and a bit more modern!

  4. unclesam099 Says:

    Response I got from Pointer: “Small is 41” chest medium is 45 chest that is across the front”

  5. Erich Says:

    I just got a response from pointer that a small in that coat is “The small chest is 34-36 chest.”

  6. will Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about chest width on these coats. As chore coats, they’re cut wider and roomier in the chest/torso than say a jean jacket is. I bought an XS, and if Pointer says S is 34-36, I doubt XS would thus be 32-34. I mean I’m not THAT tiny to be slipping into a 32/34!

  7. unclesam099 Says:

    Erich, I got that same response and then asked for actual measurements of the garment.

  8. jim Says:

    Whose chambray shirt is that?

  9. will Says:

    Hey Jim- It’s actually a non chambray shirt I got at J. Crew last fall cause it had cool tan buttons.

  10. Sally Says:

    Love the hair.

  11. Reed Says:

    Pointer seemed to have given me the best measurements; they said the S=40″ chest, XS=38″. This sounds about right, given it’s workwear and cut a bit looser in the body

  12. John Says:

    Where can I find the jeans (or a pair like them)? They aren’t on the Imogene + Willie site, and I can’t locate them anywhere else either. I’ve been in the market for a pair matching your description (heathered oatmeal, hearty) for a while, and every time I see one in a post on a blot like yours, I come up empty. Any ideas of where I should look?

  13. will Says:

    Hey John- The I+W jeans are indeed creamy and heathered, but they were considered a summer jean, so they’re a little lighter weight than the norm. Not too light though. Since I can’t think of any other source for a jean like that, try e-mailing or calling I+W and see if they still have some of that style on hand. There was a slimmer cut version, and then a straight cut with a higher rise which is the one I got. Good luck!

  14. jeff Says:

    Will – love the blog, just came across it about a week ago.

    Also, that jacket rocks. Based on the different sizing some listed here, I decided to also e-mail Pointer, and received this sizing from Melody with Pointer: small 34-36”, medium 38-40” and large 42-44”. Very strange how different the sizing is that they’ve sent to various people. Has anyone ordered and received one since reading this post?

  15. will Says:

    Though different claims are coming from Pointer on the sizing of the coats, take it from me, gents, an owner of the coat: the sizing is fairly standard compared to other brands. My XS seems to fit like a 36 inch blazer or shirt would. Whatever size you’d order from J. Crew, for instance, then order the Pointer chore coat in that same size!