Season’s Screenings: Downhill Racer

Any day now it’s gonna be snow sport season across half the globe, so speed-screening the 1969 flick Downhill Racer is just the trick to slicken any stud’s winter style up quick – on the slopes and off.

In Racer, Robert Redford does his usual stoic-dick brand of schtick as Dave Chappelet, the newest member of America’s then-uncelebrated ski team.

From his dead-end hometown in Colorado to various mountaintop hamlets throughout the Alps, Chappelet’s wardrobe centers simply around sporty, proto-70s basics.

The powder blue chambrays and sherpa-lined overcoats of Chappelet’s farmboy past pair up effortlessly with the showier swank of his jet-setting future, through high-necked sweaters and mirror-lensed shades.

Essentially, as long as you stick to Chappelet and his teammate’s main palette of navy, red, and white, you’ll whip your winter look up to top speed in record time.

True champs will dare to go that extra mile and get their frostbitten hands on some old-school aftershaves, a perwinkle period van, and a Swedish snowbunny or two to slide around the slopes with.

Get ready ‘n set all like that and Coach guarantees your style’ll earn imaginary medals all winter long!

6 Responses to “Season’s Screenings: Downhill Racer”

  1. Redford in Downhill Racer 1969 | Silver Lining Opticians Blog | Best of New York Says:

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  2. Geo Says:

    Love the shades! Any brands out there for something similar?!

  3. will Says:

    They might not be as spiffy or expensive as Redford’s but I recall one site that sells a lot of deadstock/vintage/retro shades – and super cheap.

    There’s an entire “mirror-lensed” section too!

  4. Dave Says:

    Geo – I believe he wore Vaurnets. Unfortunately the closest they have to the retro model is this: . Personally looks a little clunky to me. You might have better luck with Cabrerra.

  5. BowTieGuy Says:

    Nice post, great site. I have been gravitating toward some Redford pics of late, too. He can really pull off the Carrera style glasses.

  6. Damien Says:

    Nice. One of my favorites Will. Everything he is wearing pure classic.