Deck The Walls

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to get Treasury headquarters looking its best before guests arrive.

I tend to stock up on art, objects, furniture etc. and then put them into play in big-ish waves. Every addition or insertion affects everything else in a room, or sometimes a home, so I find it somehow quicker and cleaner to (re-)design using bigger, bolder, broader strokes.

The only thing preventing me from finding the perfect wall or hall to hang any of the three above works is knowing that two additional pieces will be finalized and framed in just a few days.

And so my stash expands…

    6 Responses to “Deck The Walls”

    1. Ron Says:

      Those look great! Which framer do you use in Mpls.?

    2. will Says:

      Thanks, Ron! In Mpls I tend to wait for 40-60% off coupons and get things framed at Michael’s or JoAnn, if I’m planning on going for a simple black or white painted wood frame. Cause otherwise their frame selections, especially the wood/grain ones they offer, are not so great. I’m keeping my eye out for a “cooler” (but not expensive) framing place but what I’ve been doing a lot this past year is buying frames (or bad art with good frames) and then repurposing them down the road. The iceberg print has a Room & Board frame which I love, with a matte and assembly by JoAnn. And the constellation print was a floating frame from West Elm last spring that had some Jason Polan art in it that I’m not using. The pine tree drawing came like that, vintage from Russia. Anytime I see a brown/wood frame that I like alright I buy it. Otherwise I’m stuck with white or black frames which are good, but you don’t want everything frame like that. Obvs.

    3. Ron Says:

      Thanks Will. This is good to know. I like MitreBox on Washington, or WARSHington as my granny says, run by very stylish ladies, but oh la la tres expensive.

    4. Michael Says:

      These all look great. Greetings from SF!

    5. Damien Says:

      Can you come do my place? Great stuff.

    6. will Says:

      Yes, Damien – any empty walls ’round the world that need art on them, I am happy to come fill in!