Master & Commander

I am undeniably the master of embarking on unreasonable missions, like driving all around town to half a dozen dopey little drug stores in order to find a bottle of after shave retro and Redford enough to get me and my face through the tough winter ahead.

But when I finally come across something like this $8 bottle of Master Spice, which looked to have been sitting on the store shelf since 1979, my crazy quests instantly prove to have been really, really worth it.

2 Responses to “Master & Commander”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Awesome. Where’d you find this little gem?

  2. will Says:

    Hey Aaron. I got the aftershave at Schneider Drug on University Ave in St. Paul. It was the last bottle though. Looking quick on the internet, I can’t find it anywhere else in that exact same bottle, making me think mine really is a relic from 20 years ago or so.