Public Television

You really shouldn’t, but if you ever do feel guilty about having a favorite Kardashian or Housewife, redemption is near. Simply inviting yourself into the esteemed halls of Downton Abbey a few hours a year will class up your boob-tube consumption tenfold.

Even I, a born Brit half raised by soap operas, was unsure if I’d take to the upstairs/downstairs drama of the haves and have-nots at Downton when I sampled season one over Christmas. But the series is so warm, well-cast and witty that none of its characters come off as stuffy and not one of its scenes ever feel stale.

Like in real life, every turn in the story twists about in ways which are thoroughly unpredicted yet instantly feel pre-ordained. Three episodes in and you feel you’ve known Lord and Lady Crawley and their three spit-firey daughters your entire life. And that they, and their sweet and scheming servants, are as much your family as they are one another’s.

Season 2 crosses the pond this Sunday onto PBS and marches its characters into the fateful call of the first world war. (Oh, Heavens!) Since everything’s bound to be so different for everyone at Downton now because of that, having already screened season 1 shouldn’t at all be considered a prerequisite for tuning in this weekend and enjoying the story. In fact, I’d think a light haze of confusion might make the war-torn drama go down all the more effectively.

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And, for the record, I don’t actually know much about the Kardashians, but Kelly was and Taylor, I guess, now is my favorite Housewife. (I like ’em leggy and un-lucid, apparently.)

4 Responses to “Public Television”

  1. Aaron Says:

    My TV-loving boyfriend has been waxing poetic about Downton Abbey for weeks. At first I thought he was talking about the Miss Marple TV series, but that’s another version of waxing poetic.

  2. will Says:

    When your boyfriend waxes poetic, you should listen closely!

  3. yuko Says:

    yes! So looking forward to this… thank you for the reminder!

    & Happy New Year!

  4. Nicole Guarascio Says:

    I will not admit on here how many times I have watched this series. Nor will I admit how much I want to live at Downton Abbey.