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Angels Across The Sea

Monday, April 30th, 2012

The dopest thing I’ve learned so far this year/decade/lifetime is that Charlie had a separate trio of Angels in Paris in 1980. Holy hell!

I don’t know how I never knew that previously, but I now spend 80 to 90 percent of my life imagining what the France-set spin-off would’ve looked like (chic sleek), and what the three Parisian Angels might’ve been named (Lu, Colette, and Therese maybe), and which one of the fatales would’ve had the hottest handbags, and prettiest pied-a-terre, and killing-est karate kicks (it’d be a three-way tie).

Oh, what could’ve been!

Patterns Emerge

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Building a wardrobe of basics can, basically, feel and look a little boring after a while. Riskier, wittier pieces tend to fill up more and more of the slots on my seasonal shopping lists as I get older. For this summer, all I’ve been drawn to so far are punchily patterned pieces.

I’d been waiting for this Woolrich Woolen Mills button down to be released since I first spotted smartphone pics of it snapped last summer during Pitti Uomo. I wasn’t sure I’d be up to pulling off a piece with such an Afro-funked feel to it, but when I finally tried it on, all my Anglo inhibitions faded fiercely to black.

Sometimes I get a little sick of the two chambray shirts I’ve worn repeatedly the past four or five years. The addition of polka-dots to this Gitman Vintage offering shifts things a little more Preppy, a little more Prairie, and a lot less predictable.

I’m really hot and/or cold on most of the Native American/Pendelton-y prints that have trended their way into fashion lately, but this Topman piece has an almost sandwashed, Saved By The Bell feel and fit to it, so it keeps me looking more 1980s Slater, less 1880s Squaw Warrior.

I’m probably about as patterned-up as possible now, for spring. What I’m gonna do next to keep things un-basic and un-boring, I’m not just sure yet.

Toying Around

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Last week I was searching, I think, equestrian art and happened upon these Czechoslovakian toy prints from a 1950s catalog.

For 60-year-old sketches of children’s playthings, there was something rather grown up and modern about many of them.

So I picked my three favorite prints out of the dozens available, and my plan is to scan them in – combine, rearrange and minimize the layout(s), and create one perfect piece to print out and frame.

A timeless, un-traceable work with nods to Ancient Roman artifacts and to backyard games of Cowboys and Indians. Doesn’t make sense in a sentence, but on a wall, in a frame, I think and hope that it will.

The toy prints which I didn’t purchase can be found and enjoyed here.

Stacked Against Me

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

The evidence clearly has been mounting against me for quite some time, but honestly I wouldn’t describe myself as one of those people who LOVES shoes INSANELY – like Pharell ‘n Carrie Bradshaw’s half-black baby deliriously would.

But the four pairs above are the damage I’ve done to my wallet/closet floor in just the past two months – and yet I still don’t feel as if I have that one perfect pair of shoes I can wear every day with any outfit.

Surely, at least some of my outfits will work really rather well with my tawny New Balance hikers.

And other, more 70’s-ish scholarly outfits would pair properly with the hard-to-find Cola-colored Clarks Wallabees I eventually tracked down in England.

And even though they’re more orange in person than I quite know what to do with, the Irish Setters lace-ups I proxied in from Japan will simply have to be the perfect accompaniment to at least ten outfits this season, or I’ll never be able to justify their price tag to myself or anyone sane.

I might still not have one perfect pair of shoes that can get worn with all of my outfits, but fortunately I can pair a perfect outfit with every new and old pair of shoes that I own. If that basically makes me a half-black Bradshaw-born baby, then so be it.