Stacked Against Me

The evidence clearly has been mounting against me for quite some time, but honestly I wouldn’t describe myself as one of those people who LOVES shoes INSANELY – like Pharell ‘n Carrie Bradshaw’s half-black baby deliriously would.

But the four pairs above are the damage I’ve done to my wallet/closet floor in just the past two months – and yet I still don’t feel as if I have that one perfect pair of shoes I can wear every day with any outfit.

Surely, at least some of my outfits will work really rather well with my tawny New Balance hikers.

And other, more 70’s-ish scholarly outfits would pair properly with the hard-to-find Cola-colored Clarks Wallabees I eventually tracked down in England.

And even though they’re more orange in person than I quite know what to do with, the Irish Setters lace-ups I proxied in from Japan will simply have to be the perfect accompaniment to at least ten outfits this season, or I’ll never be able to justify their price tag to myself or anyone sane.

I might still not have one perfect pair of shoes that can get worn with all of my outfits, but fortunately I can pair a perfect outfit with every new and old pair of shoes that I own. If that basically makes me a half-black Bradshaw-born baby, then so be it.



One Response to “Stacked Against Me”

  1. dintx Says:

    wow – haven’t checked in lately and just dropped by to see whats new… yes some damage has been done. i too had a clarks addiction but after three pairs – what wrecked my feet – i’ve since converted to red wings and all has been well… three pairs in and i’m a convert. i’ve got the 866, 877 and wabasha boot – all in the orange leather… after some wear it will darken and not be so orange…if the orange is too orange – hit it with either SnoSeal or some mink oil… it will darken with age and look really nice. snoseal will make it a much darker brown – mink oil will retain the orange but add brown… and you can wear those boots above with shorts. my son says i look like zoo keeper when i wear my 877s w/shorts but so be it… at least my feet dont hurt!!! put those others on ebay… dintx