On The Side

Although it can and literally HAS taken me over seven years to find a bigger better bed, a rustic but not-too-rustic dining room table, and fifty-five other furnishing essentials for our no-longer-new home – it’s never been challenging for me to round together a sizable stable of side tables.

At fifteen to a hundred-and-fifty bucks, usually, side tables stand free of the daunting financial investment inherent in larger furnishings.

And you can stash them in the back seat of your whatever-mobile, without needing a U-Haul or your mom’s mammoth un-mini-van to get them out of the store.

In a home, side tables fill in the corners, crannies and visual cracks of a space. I’ve been studying this book, American Modern, a ton the past year, and designer Thomas O’Brien tucks tables any and every old place, even under and sometimes on top of other tables.

So while, a few months ago, I was thinking the addition of four new side tables to my sizable stash was starting to become senseless, O’Brien’s book reminded me you can legitimately jam a giant number of little tables into even the dwarf-iest room and it won’t be overkill.

So on I go – not overkilling a thing.

Above tables:

1. Geometric Table – HomeGoods.

2. Puzzle Nesting Tables – Thomas O’Brien from 2005. I lurked on e-bay for over a year for those puppies.

3. Cement Cube Table – CB2.

4. African Bowl Table – Vintage, then painted glossy white by yours truly ’til my index finger fell numb for a week.

One Response to “On The Side”

  1. my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you Says:

    i enjoy all of those tables. especially the white painted african slutty one.