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Blue Collar Worker

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

I’ve only bought (and actually kept) like three new pieces for fall, but nonetheless this Wallace & Barnes workshirt is far and away my favorite.

Half the reason being I can button it all the way up to look like I’m filling in for Joaquin Phoenix in the next five Joaquin Phoenix films. This is a remarkable personal triumph for me because, although my Celebrity DJ name might as well be ‘Lil Will, I front with an unusually phat neck. I can’t ever EVER button anything up over my Adam’s Apple without an unsettling sensation of strangling.

The second best thing about the piece is its nubby, flecked denim. Not too thick, definitely not thin – the kind of material sold off bolts at Main Street mercantiles throughout Missouri.

Two years ago I was all about weird rusts and coppers and oranges. Basic blue seemed beyond banal, but at last the color feels clean and cool again. Especially amongst all the amber waves of autumn.

So ’til I sicken of the shade again, or go under the knife for some neck lipo, this sturdy shirt’s set to remain my sartorial salvation. Now, what are all you normal-necked people finding for your favorite fall pieces?


Think Global, Shop Local

Monday, September 10th, 2012

I haven’t been out of the country in almost two years, but the home accessories I’ve found thrifting the past few weeks will help convince visitors otherwise.

Weathered Roman busts, Balinese brass and bamboo basket-bowls, crackled Chinese pots, and wooden Mongolian pipsqueak shoes are but some of the little treasures giving Tudor Mansion a sense of worldly beauty.

Although I never really left, it’s definitely good to be home.