Eastern Time

When it comes to timepieces there’s nothing as handsomely Gastby as a vintage watch, but big name American-made watches from sixty or seventy years back can typically run hundreds of dollars on ebay (or more).

My thrifty get around has been to set my sights further east, over on etsy. Searches for Vintage Soviet Watches always uncover dozens of dapperly-designed watches for under eighty bucks whenever I look.

This discreetly dapper little Zim watch is my latest such selection. For me, choosing which un-American, espionage-evoking logo I want glimmering across my wrist (Zarja, Raketa, Poljot) is a major part of the process – and half the stylistic thrill of wearing a foreign timepiece.

For anyone spying you up close is gonna spot those exotic, eastern characters peeking out from the cuff of your coat and understand instantly whether or not you’re someone worth messing with.

One Response to “Eastern Time”

  1. Aaron Says:

    You should check out my friend Leo, who quit his cushy Target job to restore vintage mechanical watches and design new ones.