However it all goes down: I can’t help but feel hurt and disappointed by the fact that roughly half of adult Minnesotans were, at some cruel point, given full permission to, on this election day, attempt to engrave their discrimination of people like me and my beloved Hurly into our state’s constitution.

That’s utterly un-American. And completely un-Christ-like (if you’re into that sort of thing).┬áIt feels, it stings exactly like Third Reich-style persecution, at work somehow, decades later, in the year 2012…in the heart of America…in the city and in the state I’d chosen to call my home.

We are all Americans, we are all God’s children – and even if, and even when, my neighbor won’t stand up for my rights, I will always stand up for theirs.

So off I go to vote Hell To The No, and then spend the rest of my day encouraging God’s other Minnesotan children to get out and do the same.

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