London Calling

I don’t know how much the rest of the 2012 world has ever heard of this Julie London chic. I mean, I never had. Until I had – a week ago, when I came upon the fabtastic cover of her debut album online.

I’m not sure exactly what Julie sounded like, or why she showed so, so much cleavage and couldn’t be bothered to look into the camera’s lense, but I knew I needed some sort of copy of the 1955 album in my life semi-immediately.

So a half-Japanese import CD of Julie Is Her Name should pop up in my mailbox any day. Even if I hate it, I know I’ll still totally love it.

4 Responses to “London Calling”

  1. Aaron Says:

    This might ruin the suspense, but all of her albums are on Spotify. She has a surprisingly large number of albums. (And she’s surprisingly good, too.)

  2. will Says:

    Yes, I don’t want to hear even a note out of her mouth until I can hold that silly album cover in my hand at the same time!

  3. Aaron Says:


  4. Allan Says:

    I guarantee you, you won’t hate it. One of her biggest hits is on that album. A piece of trivia, she played nurse Dixie McCall in the old TV series Emergency…