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I Spy

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

This day is truly a historic one for this great country of ours. The heroically gifted actress Keri Russell returns triumphantly to American television sets, in a full-on drama, dressed in early 1980s clothes for every single scene!

The Artist Formerly Known as Felicity will have brand new things besides Ben and Noel to make her bottom lip shift and tremble so superbly, and I can’t wait to see just what they’ll be.

The Americans debuts/proves life is worth living: tonight at 9, Minneapolis time, on FX.

The Peak of Perfection

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Realistically, would I have bought this campfire-colored Kelty Pack had the triple-peaked patch not been triangle shaped?

Probably not. Probably no.

Sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest impressions. And what separates a modern design from a vintage (or re-issued) one. And what scores a retail sale instead of a snore.

Forget Tomorrow: Fuji’s XF1

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

It’s been a great while since I’ve pined for or posted about a camera. I’m not even positive that now is an appropriate time.

It’s possibly super inappropriate because…I already have two Canon digital cameras circa 2010, and Hurly has a digital SLR, and I shoot on 35mm film when I can handle the hassle, and everyone ‘n I just shoots everything on their phone these days anyways, and most of all: What does it matter what one shoots an image with today when the image can, and certainly will, be Instagrammed into faux importance anyways?

But here’s why it might be a completely appropriate time for me to pine for another camera. This Fuji XF1 exists.

And it looks exactly what everything should look like: Today making out with Yesterday, on a train, in a tunnel.

And, I don’t like my two newer Canon cameras and sorta never have. Neither of them takes photos as reliable or well as the older, more archaic Canon PowerShot A530 I had back in 2005 (oh, how its images glowed!) or the Nikon Coolpix 3100 I had in 2003. The flash on my newer Canons are always out of control, yet the images too dark. The colors always Kermit-y and sickly.

So…Is now an appropriate time to pick up a new camera? Maybe not.

But in a post-invention-of-the-iPhone world, it might not ever again be an appropriate time to pick up a new/actual camera. That’s what Today making out with Tomorrow would look like, and it’s icky and it’s ugly.

And Yesterday and I can’t sit back and let life look like that.

Snug ‘n Snuggly

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

There’s a good month or so in Minnesota when getting dressed in the lightless morning has about zilch to do with trying to look good and everything to do with surviving the sub-zero temperatures outside.

I knew the happy-patterned Portuguese Flannel shirts from Gitman Vintage that Unionmade started selling right before Christmas would make getting dressed this January not only practical but purdy as well.

I ordered the shirts in two different patterns. One was super Me, one was refreshingly less Me – but the Me Me one looked better, and I’ve finally, just recently accepted the fact that you have to buy clothes based on how they actually look on you, not how you wish they would look on you. Optimism trumps realism in a lot of spaces and places, but don’t let it dupe you (and by you, I mean Me) when you’re making up your mind in front of a mirror.

I knew the boppy blue shirt I ended up keeping was gonna shoot me through winter’s darkest hours looking right and bright-eyed. The vintage flannel is thick but utterly un-stiff. Super, super soft – to the point that strangers start and then won’t stop snuggling you.

Winter’s really hard. Soft snuggles never hurt.

Liquid Luxury

Monday, January 7th, 2013

It’d been years that I’d intended to set a bottle of Byredo parfum on my bathroom counter. It just kept not happening.

Again and again, my ability to select precisely which scent to shell out for never timed up just right with the amount of bucks in my bank account. But then I spotted something which shot me directly into decision-making, debt-be-damned mode.

Byredo’s nouveau line-up of ultra-luxe, leather travel cases are so indulgently unnecessary – they’re essentially a must-have. Available in seven shades, I went for black, then committed to the dusky, honey-ed spiciness of the Accord Oud scent.

Slipping one of the three, 12 ml mini vials into their sleek leather chamber makes me feel like a sly, Helmut Lang-cloaked super spy. Though designed for a jet-setter’s lifestyle, the cases are too captivating to toss deep into a carry-on bag, or set, mundanely, inside one’s medicine cabinet.

Mine’s assigned permanently to the top of my dresser – personal fragrance disguised as home accessory. Or home accessory disguised as personal fragrance, perhaps. I can’t say quite yet, the case is just that clever.


Beach Bum

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

I’m not sure I have it in me to grow an eight-inch beard or completely curtail some strategic manscaping, but otherwise I’m totally adopting Quit Mad Stop’s homeless beach hobo look once warm weather finds its way to me again.

Q.M.S. bags are big enough to literally tote your entire life in, which is of utmost important to the shelter-less set.

And the line’s pared down selection of jackets, polos, and trunks pair up perfectly (randomly) with richer men’s discarded dress shoes rescued from your city’s chicest dumpsters.

These silver painted linen shorts may shatter, slightly, the illusion of the impoverished existence I’m out to orchestrate – but they’re awesomely insane, which isn’t an entirely unwanted undertone when you’re going for that broken-down bum look.

So I’ll see you guys soon, down in the harsh and sandy shadows. You’ll probably pretend you don’t see me at all, but that comes with my new territory – I won’t hold it against you.