Liquid Luxury

It’d been years that I’d intended to set a bottle of Byredo parfum on my bathroom counter. It just kept not happening.

Again and again, my ability to select precisely which scent to shell out for never timed up just right with the amount of bucks in my bank account. But then I spotted something which shot me directly into decision-making, debt-be-damned mode.

Byredo’s nouveau line-up of ultra-luxe, leather travel cases are so indulgently unnecessary – they’re essentially a must-have. Available in seven shades, I went for black, then committed to the dusky, honey-ed spiciness of the Accord Oud scent.

Slipping one of the three, 12 ml mini vials into their sleek leather chamber makes me feel like a sly, Helmut Lang-cloaked super spy. Though designed for a jet-setter’s lifestyle, the cases are too captivating to toss deep into a carry-on bag, or set, mundanely, inside one’s medicine cabinet.

Mine’s assigned permanently to the top of my dresser – personal fragrance disguised as home accessory. Or home accessory disguised as personal fragrance, perhaps. I can’t say quite yet, the case is just that clever.


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