Snug ‘n Snuggly

There’s a good month or so in Minnesota when getting dressed in the lightless morning has about zilch to do with trying to look good and everything to do with surviving the sub-zero temperatures outside.

I knew the happy-patterned Portuguese Flannel shirts from Gitman Vintage that Unionmade started selling right before Christmas would make getting dressed this January not only practical but purdy as well.

I ordered the shirts in two different patterns. One was super Me, one was refreshingly less Me – but the Me Me one looked better, and I’ve finally, just recently accepted the fact that you have to buy clothes based on how they actually look on you, not how you wish they would look on you. Optimism trumps realism in a lot of spaces and places, but don’t let it dupe you (and by you, I mean Me) when you’re making up your mind in front of a mirror.

I knew the boppy blue shirt I ended up keeping was gonna shoot me through winter’s darkest hours looking right and bright-eyed. The vintage flannel is thick but utterly un-stiff. Super, super soft – to the point that strangers start and then won’t stop snuggling you.

Winter’s really hard. Soft snuggles never hurt.

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