Forget Tomorrow: Fuji’s XF1

It’s been a great while since I’ve pined for or posted about a camera. I’m not even positive that now is an appropriate time.

It’s possibly super inappropriate because…I already have two Canon digital cameras circa 2010, and Hurly has a digital SLR, and I shoot on 35mm film when I can handle the hassle, and everyone ‘n I just shoots everything on their phone these days anyways, and most of all: What does it matter what one shoots an image with today when the image can, and certainly will, be Instagrammed into faux importance anyways?

But here’s why it might be a completely appropriate time for me to pine for another camera. This Fuji XF1 exists.

And it looks exactly what everything should look like: Today making out with Yesterday, on a train, in a tunnel.

And, I don’t like my two newer Canon cameras and sorta never have. Neither of them takes photos as reliable or well as the older, more archaic Canon PowerShot A530 I had back in 2005 (oh, how its images glowed!) or the Nikon Coolpix 3100 I had in 2003. The flash on my newer Canons are always out of control, yet the images too dark. The colors always Kermit-y and sickly.

So…Is now an appropriate time to pick up a new camera? Maybe not.

But in a post-invention-of-the-iPhone world, it might not ever again be an appropriate time to pick up a new/actual camera. That’s what Today making out with Tomorrow would look like, and it’s icky and it’s ugly.

And Yesterday and I can’t sit back and let life look like that.

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