Flecks Appeal

I love and therefore own a number of dreary-hued tweed blazers and ties with flecks of techni-colors in them. But I almost never wear blazers or ties, and I’ve been wanting the same speckled effect in something more summery/less seasonal.

This confetti-laced cream chambray is just the thing. Vintage-y and vaguely Japanese-seeming.

The Men’s department at the Minneapolis Club Monaco store is a little…little – it’s sometimes better to search online, which is where I spotted the super shirt made out of this marvelous material.

I went up a size with it, so I could actually button the top button and look like some guy Melissa would’ve taken to an art gallery opening on thirtysomething in 1990-something.

Hurly says I just look Amish – but I can live with that vibe too.

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